Debt Refinancing & Restructuring

International Financing

Ayuroma provides the capacity bridge, international standardization and due diligence capability which is necessary to increase transparency which in turn, helps refinance existing local company loans. The end result is the additional monetary yearly savings to its client's income statement by reducing the company's interest expense and costs via previously non-existent multi-year term loans.

Local Financing

For local clients, Ayuroma manages the process of debt assignment from the central parent company to the underlying operating companies. Ayuroma optimizes collateral and debt assignment to each underlying operating companies to receive additional direct financing based on their individual stand alone operating financial results, rather than utilizing the conglomerate level method which is often inefficient.

Ayuroma works with banks to secure individual debt assignment in order to obtain efficient funding of debt with the existing bank, or refinance with other institutions on more favourable terms.